Chain-Link fencing requires no maintenance whatsoever, as it is made up of galvanized chain-link wire, giving you the benefit of no maintenance trouble free fencing so you may sleep easy at night knowing this fencing is giving you not only value to your property but peace of mind. It could be coated in plastic, usually green in colour, or just have a plain galvanized finish. Chain-Link fencing is good as a boundary as it requires no maintenance once installed where there is foliage or small animals.

How is it installed?
Chain-Link fencing is mainly installed using galvanized fence posts which are concreted securely into the ground once concreted you can just forget them, they will be there many years with no maintenance required, depending on the duration of the fencing, end posts and strainer posts might be used. These posts ought to be concreted into the ground and once concreted a strainer wire is attached. Once the strainer wire has been tensioned the chain link is attached, creating the finished fence.

What maintenance is required?
Once a chain-link fence was installed no maintenance is required whatsoever. The only thing is that foliage and suchlike can attach and grow up the chain-link. This is not a problem unless large amounts of foliage attaches itself, as this will cause a lot of strain on the fencing and could lead to collapse later down the line. Although chain-link is particularly strong, it truly is recommended that any foliage be encouraged not to grow the fence up. If well maintained and kept clear of foliage and other material, Chain-Link fencing can last in excess of 40 years, saving you the hassle of replacing your fence along with money.

Chain-Link fencing has a look that is clean and subtle, if installed in the right environment. It’s not recommended for use in recreational or children’s play areas because, for example, repeated kicking of a ball into the fence will cause the chain-link to weaken and start to sag over time. If this were to happen the fencing may be adjusted by tightening strainer wires to restore the strength of the fence.